About Us

Our vision is to become recognised as a leading rowing club in Victoria.

Our Values

To recognise that rowing can be a sport for life – and support our members involvement at whatever level the wish to engage in the sport

To be welcoming, inclusive and respect ourselves, other members and the wider rowing community

To develop lifelong friendships and a common love of the sport and the many benefits that derive from being involved – including physical and mental health

To be acknowledged as an outstanding member of the wider community and to provide support for those who face disadvantage


Anyone is welcome to come down and try out a session or two on the water before committing to any of our programs – prior experience is not required.

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The club holds Learn to Row classes as required – these range from small boats to bigger crew boats – the program runs for 6 weeks after which you can progress to other programs. These can be used as a return to rowing for those who have been away from the sport.

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For those who enjoy the camaraderie of the club environment and just want to keep fit – but not necessarily row.

Our emphasis is on having fun and enjoying your rowing – and to train as much or as little as you wish. There is no expectation on training levels – you can row in a single or join others in a crew boat.

Our masters squad caters for both new rowers and those returning to the sport as well as those who have continued rowing since their younger days. As with the Club squad you set the level you want to be involved

For those who want to test themselves against others or who want to get a bit more serious in their sport. As a full member of Rowing Victoria our members at this level can enter regattas anywhere in the world.


Our Club benefits from donations which can be made through the Australian Sports Foundation which enables a tax deduction to be claimed.  We have 2 Funds available